Please remember this is a firewire device. The front-panel display allows you to configure your mix and system settings, using an intuitive interface. Unit has wear from previous use, including scuffs, scratches and blemishes. Removable rack ears The Traveler fits comfortably under a laptop computer, or you can attach the included ears for rack mount operation. Word clock Word clock input and output for synchronization with a wide variety of digital devices—or a centralized word clock source. FireWire Interface Filter Applied. Traveler Overview The Traveler is everything you need to turn your computer into a mobile bit, kHz digital audio workstation.

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– Traveler CueMix DSP™

MIDI in and Out jacks are also included. Setting up and software installation is very straightforward and it’s quite a liberating moment when you moth up a laptop-based system for the first time and realise there’s not miri mains lead in sight. The Cuemix Plus monitoring makes mixerless setups a reality, not just a possibility, and has benefits in the studio and on the road for users working in a variety of different areas.

The UltraLite is an excellent lightweight portable recording interface.

Traveler CueMix DSP™

View input gain values in the LCD display as you make adjustments. Need to tweak the mix? I was very impressed with its performance and versatility, especially in light of its affordability. Timing is sample-accurate with supporting software. From the factory, the buttons glow amber orangeexcept for the currently selected channel, which glows bright green. If you have a mk3, digital mixer or other audio device that supports 96kHz optical and also has two optical inputs, the 8pre connects to it via both optical ports to provide a full eight channels travveler analog to optical conversion at the Headphone output can supply a separate mix.


And don’t let its compact size deceive you. Expand your system by connecting additional Traveler, or FireWire audio interfaces. Sound is strong and clear from all inputs and outputs.

And the Oscar goes to ADAT sync port provides sample-accurate sync for compatible devices. The Traveler slides easily into your backpack or briefcase and fits neatly beneath your laptop. The Traveler provides DSP-driven digital mixing and monitoring for all 20 inputs.

Stand-alone mixing The Traveler can function as a stand-alone digital mixer. Mix to any four output pairs you wish. The Traveler is everything you need to turn your computer into a mobile bit, kHz digital audio workstation.

Mido Talkback, you can set up a dedicated mic in your control room and connect it to a mic input on your Traveler. Stand-alone mixing The Traveler can function as a stand-alone digital mixer. Tweak your mix on the spot with the Traveler’s backlit LCD and front-panel controls. Delivery Options see all. Reviews The Traveler has garnered universal praise for its design, audio quality, performance and value.


Comparing AudioDesk to some of the ‘Lite’ program versions thrown in with digital audio recording devices trageler a clear mismatch – for audio recording, it is like comparing a rocket to a sparkler. Number of Channels see all. You can connect mics, guitars, synths and effects processors, and monitor everything from the Traveler’s main outs or headphone jack with no separate mixer needed and no latency.

MOTU FireWire Audio/MIDI Interfaces for sale | eBay

Dedicated LEDs display audio levels, tach and lock status, and clock rate. Connect a MIDI keyboard, sound module or control surface, and you are ready to go. The result is trsveler pristine audio quality and rock-solid performance that MOTU interfaces are known for worldwide. Updated firmware and drivers are still available at Motu.

Traveler Inputs and Outputs

Four channels at It’s an incredibly powerful device that fulfills the oft-promised ‘studio in a box. Just plug in any DC power adapter volts, tip positive or negative. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.