Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in linuxmint-help on irc. I get text mode on the splash screen. Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. I want username and password for proxy authentication to be saved so that while connecting to internet eveytime I dont have to enter. Does anyone have any ideas what to do to fix it?

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I need a program that save ssh comand process when I closed it.

networking – How do I get the linksys WUSB wireless adapter to work on linux – Ask Ubuntu

I have asserted this context menu item. What wusb11vv4 do you use, bash? Then, you can use su, enter the password, and when finshed, exit to return to your regular user account. Stable Release Update information is at http: Also, I just like xsplash better. I just want a personal reply so I don’t end up trying a few. Each layer makes changes that the upstream doesn’t ubunt about, so they have their own channels.

Using ndiswrapper to install Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter

Mint is actually offtopic for this channel, though, so no, we can’t help you here. MB linkzys all quite compatible. I had the exact same problem tonight but I was able to get it up and running You will only experience the power of Linux from a shell. Graphical representations of where your disk-space is being used are: Moroni, when installed go to system administration storage device manager.


I don’t know of any open security issues in sudo for now, as long as you keep your packages up to date, you should be safe for the most part.

Hello – I can’t change my preferred email address at either launchpad or Ubuntu one – It tells me my gmail is already registrered but I cannot choose as my preferred mail. Lucid Lucid Lynx ubunhu For more information on vpn please refer to https: I thought that was it.

Vitasoy can you put the relavant cron entries and scripts in pastebin? What would be an equalivent. The actual code I used was Sudo ndiswrapper -a It used to work earlier. Then in a terminal type “ping I.


I suppose I could do that on a VPS or something you’re right. I know, it took me a while to figure out too. Yeah, Plymouth doesn’t seem to work well with nvidia cards. Lapios, I ran Lubuntu on it, and then settled in on crunchbang.


But yes, I can get a connection via x11vnc, but can’t interact. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this. I’m trying to autoinstall samsung ML drivers. I have an rsync job set up to use a ubunti to back up my web host to my local machine.

[ubuntu] Linksys WUSB54G Wireless Adapter Driver [Ndiswrapper]- wlan0 not showing

BB code is On. Would it be possible to add a Linux boot option in the XP boot ini and have it boot to Linux?

What does it mean if after the BIOS screen after shutdown or restart I get “resume libgcrypt version 1. How can I get the Movie Player to resize to the. I was originally planning to sync the diff with rsync every 1 hour.