If you’re in the market for an OLED TV then your choices are currently limited to LG but we can’t see any reason for choosing the more expensive 65G6 when, according to LG, it has exactly the same image processing as the E6. Certified Buyer , North Goa. Certified Buyer , Howrah. It could have been better and there were some minor errors, especially in terms of the hue of magenta and the saturation of red but overall this was an impressive performance. Also, it is easy to hold and prevents strain on your hands. However we do wonder about image retention, screen burn and especially the life span of OLED TVs now that LG are driving the panels harder in order to deliver the increased brightness required for HDR.

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If you don’t mind curved screens then there’s also the excellent Samsung KS 20w comes in a 65 inch screen size. Since neither performance is ideal, we feel that LG has some work to do in this area and needs to improve the colour accuracy of their displays with Ultra HD HDR content. Also, if you have multiple displays that support DisplayLink you could even daisy-chain up to six to a single system.

In the interests of completeness we have included both graphs in this review. Perhaps most importantly Dolby Vision is a closed system, which means that Dolby control every aspect, from the mastering of the content to the final display.

How future-proof is this TV? We ran into problems, however, when we connected it via USB. As we would expect llg an OLED TV the off-axis performance was also exceptional, allowing us to watch the screen from just about any angle without the contrast performance or colour accuracy dropping off. You’d use the USB-in ports when daisy-chaining multiple units. I have been using it for last 5months now without any replacement.

LG’s calibration controls have been somewhat buggy in the past, often introducing artefacts when used too much but since we’re only fine-tuning the E6, we don’t anticipate any problems. The gamma was also tracking our target of 2. There is also limited Dolby Vision content available and at present the only source in the UK is Netflix. Motion Handling The E6 uses the ‘sample-and-hold’ approach seen on other OLED TVs, which means the panel displays and holds a static frame until the next one is refreshed.


Mouse is good but build quality is not good enough. The reason you don’t just use the daytime setting at night is because if you are watching an image that is too bright in a darkened room, ,g can be fatiguing for the eyes.

The stand features a wide footprint that allows it to stand tall during everyday use 206ww any fear of it toppling over. After calibrating the greyscale the colour temperature of white was now measuring at our target of D65 precisely, as evidenced by the dot being at the centre of the square in the middle of the graph above.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The LG did manage to effectively deinterlace and scale standard definition content to match the native resolution of the panel without introducing unwanted artefacts. The out-of-the-box colour gamut was equally as good and, as the graph above shows, all three primary colours and all three secondary colours were tracking their saturation points for Rec.

Finally if you’re happy with the idea of an edge-lit LED LCD TV then there have also been some impressive models released this year including Samsung’s curved KS and Sony’s flat XD93both of which come in various screen sizes and at competitive prices. When it came to high definition TV broadcasts the E6 was really able to step up a gear and the better channels could look absolutely stunning, with the nature and wildlife documentaries producing some of the best images.

Safe and Secure Payments. The size is little bigger like a wired mouse, so good for use with the desktop but to use it with a laptop I prefer something else.


64.5″ LG 65UH8500 – Power consumption

lb The size of the panel and the width of the soundbar certainly helped, resulting in an open front soundstage that had plenty of stereo separation. A notice also appears in the top right hand corner of the screen, identifying which type of HDR content has been detected. We’re pleased to report that LG have eliminated this problem and we couldn’t see any issues with vignetting on the E6, even when we went looking for it.

By gradation, what we really mean is the amount of detail visible as an image transitions from black into very dark parts of the image that exist just lf it. We’ve ly, we promise. HDR Effect can’t add what isn’t there, so although an image may appear to have brighter highlights, the detail in those highlights may be missing when compared to the same scene actually graded in HDR. Since LG include a full Colour Management System CMS we would expect to improve on this performance but even if you can’t get you lt TV calibratedyou should be able to enjoy a very accurate image.

If your PC has a lone video-out port, a DisplayLink display can save you the expense and trouble of upgrading your graphics card.

” LG 65UH – Power consumption

Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. No exclusive features – 2 buttons and scroll button finishes the list. Where the E6 does have an advantage is in terms of the precision with which it can handle specular highlights because the self-emitting OLED technology can accurately deliver them at a pixel level. The ergonomic design offers better grip and enables comfortable usage.