If that application server fails, the system attempts to connect to the next group to the right, sequentially. This directory stores log files and other output files. When you run the Client Setup process, it removes existing shortcuts in the PeopleSoft 8 program group and installs shortcuts for the applications that you have selected. Many PeopleSoft installations include multiple databases. The profiles are set for Microsoft Windows workstations and are shared by all workstation users. Use the Default Crystal Reports field to specify the default location of reports.

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This name will appear in the drop-down list box peoplexoft the PeopleSoft Signon dialog box. Select Hidden to have the window state run unseen in the background.

If you later want to install or uninstall shortcuts, you can always run Client Setup again. As with SQR, you can install Crystal Reports locally, or you can map to a copy installed on the file server.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

In addition to overwriting environment settings, this function also overwrites all existing settings made in PeopleSoft Application Designer. Generate basic high level information.

If the selected application server fails, the system attempts to connect to the next application server to the right, if any. Select check boxes to create shortcut links for PeopleSoft applications that you want to access from the workstation.


Controls the default values that appear in the PeopleSoft signon screen, as well as the location of the PeopleSoft cache on the client. If you have Crystal Reports installed on a workstation, the Crystal executables path is populated automatically.

For example, enter C: The box is clear by default. Clicking Purge Cache Directories brings up a dialog box with your existing cache file directories, as shown in the following example:. Use this tab to define one or more user profiles, each of which specifies connection parameters and file location information for a PeopleSoft installation.

Using PeopleSoft Configuration Manager

The term “user profiles” is used here to refer to user configurations for a workstation. Enter a default database proplesoft. Click the Font button to bring up a standard font selection pop-up menu, as shown in the following example:. A port number is an arbitrary number between 0 and that is determined by site specifications. Select Minimized to have the window state appear as an icon on the task bar.

On a new Windows process scheduler install, there are a few steps required to get PeopleSoft nVision working. Select this option if you need to run “dirty read” queries, through PeopleSoft Query during a two-tier connection. Use the Connect Password field to define a default connect ID password. If you work on tuning your PeopleSoft system and improving online performance, familiarize yourself with this tab.


To clear the PeopleSoft settings from the registry or uninstall the PeopleSoft workstation, enter -clean. PeopleSoft Query Link, the feature that enables you to send PeopleSoft Query output to a spreadsheet, also uses these settings. If you change the packet size, make sure to make the corresponding changes to the Sybase server.

To view a list of the files installed and actions taken by the Client Setup process, open the psinstal. Some of the key entries in a level 1 trace log are: Crystal Reports for PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft ODBC Driver, DSN for Crystal Reports Development for PeopleSoft

Closes PeopleSoft Configuration Manager without saving any changes that you have made. DrillDown only works at the intersection of an amount row and column.

Select to highlight fields with associated pop-up menus. The system obtains these values from the application server. This setting affects the default size of the PeopleSoft window psoplesoft displayed in the corresponding Width and Height fields. Select to enable users to users override only the user ID submitted at when they sign in. Select one of the following values:.