Solving Envelope Feeder Problems When there is a problem with the envelope feeder, the printer control panel displays an error code and error message. Remove any objects from the fan grill. About the Face Up Tray The face up tray is an optional output tray that attaches to the top rear of the printer and can hold up to printed sheets. To start viewing the user manual Genicom microLaser on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. Pushbuttons Allow you to navigate through menus, place a printer offline, or cancel a print job.

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Close the retard roll cover. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car. The speci- fications that apply to your printer depend on your machine configuration.

About the Printer About mkcrolaser Printer The GENICOM microLaser printer uses a data modulated laser beam and conventional dry-ink xerographic processes to produce images up to dpi resolution at a paper output speed of 21 micrklaser per minute.

The duplexer feeds paper without a problem. Pull the metal stopper plate down. Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Here’s a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season.

Offset Catch Tray Major Components.

Press the button on the top of the front cover to release the cover, and open the front cover. Microalser the rear cover. Remove any jammed paper from the inside of the paper tray well. Adjust the paper guide to the size of the envelopes or postcards you are using.

Genicom microLaser 210

Use the following procedure to clear a paper jam in this loca- tion: The keyboard USB port on an iMac can only source a minimal amount of power. Page microLaser User Guide Removing the Face Up Tray Place the holes in the left and right sides of the rear cover over the stubs on the inside of the printer, and slide the rear cover to the left.


Use the following figures to plan for appropriate clearances when determining a location for your printer. Place the paper tray on a level surface. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. Broken components or scraps of paper lodged inside the feeder may be brushing against mov- ing parts and causing the noise. Turn the printer on by pressing [ I ] on the power switch on the front of the printer.

Horizontal, sturdy, and stable surface Location with good ventilation Location with stable temperature and humidity Exposed to direct sunlight Page 66 User Guide Replacing Printer Components Place a drop-cloth or some paper on the table or floor near the printer.

If the tray is locked in the up potision, pull the lever near the front of the tray to release the plate, or push the paper tray all the way into the printer and then remove it.

The printer can accommodate both plain paper and other print media, and feeds paper from either a main sheet paper tray or from the front tray, which is designed to feed special print media such as labels and transparencies. Although the printer requires very little maintenance, with normal daily use you will need to perform some routine maintenance procedures, including replacing consumable items and cleaning the printer.


Position the paper stack so the surface to be printed faces up. Use the following procedure to enter the Quality Menu: The offset catch tray makes unusual noises or makes more noise than usual either while idle or while printing.

Genicom microLaser

Remove any cardboard inserts and packing tape. Room Lights Dim Or Flicker When Printer Starts User Guide Miscellaneous Problems Broken and dangling components or scraps of paper lodged inside the printer may be brush- ing against moving parts and causing the noise.

Refer to Chapters 6 through 10 for instructions for removing installed paper-handling options. Got it, continue to micrllaser. Page 69 User Guide Replacing Printer Components Squeeze the tabs on the top of the rear cover, and pull the cover toward you to open it.

Connecting The Printer To The Ac Outlet User Guide Connecting the Printer to the AC Outlet About this Chapter This chapter provides information concerning the daily use of the printer, including procedures for connecting the printer and loading print media, and guidelines for selecting print media. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer.

Position the new BTR roller so the gear is at the right end of the roller. Page User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Push the new feed roll and nudger roll onto their shafts until the retaining tabs click into place.