More impetus to the growth of the reinsurance industry came.: The magic print run seems to be about copies. Governor of California, met with strong opposition from pow- erful local industry groups, intrud- ing the California Business Council which represents 90 lIS. As a result tbe assessment of reinsurance company security is receiving greater priority by intermediary and buyer alike. For example, a primary insurer may arrange three separate excess of loss arrange- ments for its motor insurance account through treaties. Nor has Arig become a dump- ing ground for the poorqiulity business rejected by other re- insurers, It is not so greedy for growth that it will support low rating or other unsound practices.

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Korean floods Landslides and floods caused by torrential rain killed at least 59 peo- ple, injured 40 a ad made 30, homeless in South Korea at the weekend, according to relief offi- cials.

The length of the H Tail “, the time from ft16-0b1 a reinsurer writes some new business, to when all possible claims have been set- tled can rim to several years. It has a similar marketing policy!

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Starting at the top with toe deputy chairmen, of whom tijere used to be three. Interset is the only British com- pany in the field, but Mr Wedge is confident It will be able to hold off U. There are also unsubstanti- ated reports circulating here that Saudi Arabia refused to allow Libyans to disembark from a seagoing vessel.

Prices include postage and packing. It Tarmac wins will providesq ft of fully fun-jim office space and parking for cars.


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The contracts can change each year and involve several hundred reinsurers. Established reinsurers have been turning away business if they are not satisfied with the terms in an effort to improve tee underwriting results of the market. Completion is scheduled for June Con- tracts, transactions and the be- haviour of intermediaries were largely outside the regulatory remit Supervisory authorities have fy16-04b1 been much more con- cerned with the solvency of the direct insurer and it was usually assumed that any re- insurance purchased was basic- ally sound.

Send off now for a booklet and application form by completing the coupon below. It seems that the deadlock can only make fkn-jin prospects for the remaining detainees more bleak. Pile-up on the M4 motorway.

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Since the appointment of toe 19? That we would not accept. Col Gaddafi at the weekend pledged continued support to Mr Goukoni Oueddei, the former president of Chad, who sat at the Libyan leader’s side during his major 15th anniversary speech. M Guascl suggests four desi- rable qualities a reinsurer should have to make a fair assessment of the value of out- standing claims: Tbe problems of default have been caused by some of the fac- tors already identified at work in producing an international banking debt crisis.

There were also some small advances in fire ft16-044b1 oil Mrf petrochemical business re- mained highly competitiveen- gineering and nonproportional re-insurance. A final decision on the full scale de- velopment of the aircraft fun-nin expect- ed to be taken at a meeting of the defence ministers of the countries involved in Rome next March. Sikhs pledge to liberate temple BY K. Part ef the reason for the disappointing figures Is that during a period of rapid growth, expense ratios tend to run ahead of premium income as firms take on new staff to do future business.


The reassurance -company dt16-04b1 advise and monitor the rate of expansion and the tax situation for its clients. Campaign starts The UjS. DM 4 tm a year earlier. Faced irrecoverable claims the good- will of tfie client often dis- appears. It would continue to pull out of the most ft16-04b11 difficult areas, even at the expense of losing premium Income. Herr Wolfgang Breyer of KWU said in Rio de Janeiro last week that toe Chinese mission was on fun-jn fact-finding visit, to study differing forms of technology transfer, so as to determine their own policy on national production and imports.

At the same time the under- writing results of tee reinsurers have been deteriorating as com- petitive pressures mount Too matey reinsurance carriers have been chasing business volumes which were not growing at tee same rate as tee number of par- ticipants and tee amount of reinsurance capital available.

Cuts in UK corpora- tion tax have given them a direct boost. The confusion cenrres around which facility has been dama- ged. Mr Frank Guascl, actuary of funj-in general branch of the UKs largest reinsurance company. Latest published statistics show that after a net inflow of long-term capital in the first quarter of this year, there was a net outflow in the second quarter.