I have the e and have not had any problems with it. As it says in the rather numerous posts of disgruntled Creative customers, they basically did a “bait and switch” with regards to their products. So going back to the OEM drive Samsung is not possible. I can close the drive fine if there is nothing for it to load. I just checked and the FN09 firmware has a dos based flash utility included.

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Ego Dog Ars Praefectus Registered: Thanks, Ego dog edit: Anyway I think you should send it back or at least let them hear about your problem, instead of trying to search for a firmware. Again, doing the firmware flash at the command prompt isn’t good enough. I have never heard of the re e.

Creative CD-RW RWE using CD-RW12x says write protected. – Tech Support Forum

Oh, and this drive works fine in Creaive 4. I have seen two of them myself, they look completely different. It’s like sideburns- try to even them out, but one is always a little bit off. So I just wanted to mostly sit here and bitch and moan about my own stupidity, and hope someone reads the posts in the link and can empathize with the bullshit that I’ve been a part of as a consequence to all of this.


If that sounds good, drop me an email in the profile and we can work something out. Originally rw8483e by Ego Dog: I had a and never had a lick of trouble with it. I can always buy a new CDRW, yes, but Creatice always though an 8x cd burn would be enough for backing up my documents every few months, and making mix cd’s or whatever since I’d do it so rarely. Figuring this was just a win2k compatibility issue, I awaited XP thinking it would fix the problem i.

Then, excepting those, I thought maybe it didn’t exist at all, and somehow windows was reporting the wrong drive installed.

Finally Figured it all Out (re: Creative CDRW RWE) – Ars Technica OpenForum

I have firmware revision FC03; this doesn’t seem related in any way to previous firmware. I have the e and have not had any problems with it.

Fri Dec 14, If I burn a 60min album at 1x it will be done in less than 10min.

Finally Figured it all Out re: Nov 14, Posts: All of them fail for various reasons related to win32aspi. I ignored ra issue until just recently, and I’ve decided to switch to XP and wanted to back up my files. Fri Dec 14, 6: It’d be worth it to me to get rid of that origin of much stress.


Los Angeles, CA Registered: But I switched back crfative win98 to do some backing up of files onto discs, and for some reason the cc persisted after upgrading Nero burning software as a good little enthusiast does when a new version of something comes out. I’ll try the firmware and see what happens. I thought that the Nero software might be at fault, but it happens when I use it to just play music with the Windows CD player too.

CREATIVE CD-RW RW8438E resources, firmwares and drivers

In xp, I get these results at command prompt C: My friend’s in Win98SE. Fri Dec 14, 5: Results 1 to 10 of 10 Thread: I correct what I said earlier, my friend with the identical drive, same problem, he had never noticed because he personally hadn’t used it to make audio CDs yet. Think I’d be better off with this?