There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. I suspect it’s because Vegas is having to perform on-the-fly DV recompression, and for 24P material Vegas is also having to perform on-the-fly pulldown insertion. All Things Reconsidered All things considered, the DVRaptor is a great choice for the digital camcorder owner looking to get into all-digital nonlinear editing. The on-the-fly render to DV of the selected quality level is somewhat redundant. Individual frames from the Vegas timeline can be placed into the clipboard from the preview window. Just having the option of a possible permanent setup would be the greatest thing to happen to V5.

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SOFO says to 1934 the Converter on the firewire connection to view previewing although the Parhelia tv image is good enough where I cannot tell the difference. Seamless capture lets you to capture all of the footage on a tape at once as a single clip. Shame when a lower CPU codec could be used that could go out of Parhelia.

After downloading the latest drivers, www. Sonic Foundry want to know exactly what benefits having this feature has and why that is important to you.

Let us wish you a happy birthday! You have entered an incorrect email address! Capturing 1349 from a camcorder is a snap. There are a couple or nerdy things to keep in mind before you install the DVRaptor. With my Parhelia the media player sends video to the tv as does Power DVD when playing and also the capture as you have said.


Benchmark:Canopus DVRaptor IEEE Capture Card – Videomaker

I wouldn’t buy a Matrox card solely for TV out capability. On my system I can get There are good reasons for Vegas’ viewport drawing technique – most of them show up the competition for instance. I don’t think that to say “it would be cheaper than an external DV converter” or “I don’t want to wear out my camera just to convert DV onto my preview monitor” cuts it. Any item with “Fulfilled by Souq” badge on the product detail page is eligible and contributes to your free shipping order minimum.

Enjoy your Parhelia and watch for Sonic Foundry or 3rd party support for your needs. As soon as i close the capture window and move to edit on the danopus with what i have captured, the Tv display feature is blank.

Benchmark:Canopus DVRaptor IEEE 1394 Capture Card

If you wish to proceed with your order without adding the remaining amount to reach the free shipping thresholds, you will not be eligible for free shipping. The Canopus preview works just fine unless going out the parhelia will eliminate some of canoopus FX jitter when too many fx’s are applied.

An example of where not having DV preview is important – is when you canopjs trying to get a nice key and the edges and colors are abrupt. Here are two quick and easy ways to find eligible items: On the same lines as ICExpo here PLease explain, do i just place the pointer over the preview window and drag in the direction of the TV?

Being able to acquire uncompressed D1 4: With that said, I don’t know that someone should go spending the money for a Parhelia-class card just to get that small improvement in frame rate, and I don’t know how many customers would be benefitted or at what cost: Canopus has a list of recommended canopua for the DVRaptor www.


The main reason it’d be better would be higher frame rates. Free Shipping All orders of Please enter your comment! This port allows you to quickly transfer the information from a 13994 tape to a nonlinear editing system, without suffering the loss in quality associated with digitizing an analog video signal. JJKizak is using rendered media. OK, i think i am getting close. Matrox and almost anything that pinches a window from an app needs directshow overlay surfaces. I am at work now so i will have to try it tonight cannopus if i am not understanding you plase explain.

Sponsored products for you. The card and the bay both have only input for S-video and composite conections, no output, unless it cqnopus through the dv ilink which still makes me go back throught the canopuz before i can go to tv via S-videofrom the camera using it’s passhtrough capability.

The whole reason for buying this card was for this feature although now that i have it, i’ll never go back to my old card.