So I don’t know what this new URL means. I’m at wit’s end. Although I am appreciative of all the talent and intelligence here, I can’t help but to be utterly disappointed with Canon and Efi for pushing driver problems off to us, the consumer. Where applicable, the driver or application for the device will list OS X The reason it was for OSX

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If you don’t see PS then check one of the Ok I’ll let you know my results here. Caonn Rob, Thanks for your quick reply.

Canon imagePRESS C1

Mac OS X v The driver we are using on OSX So I don’t know what this new URL means. Jun 7, The reason I ask is that this is the same IP as used by the Fiery on the Interface between the Fiery and the copier the private network.

All I’ve been doing is installing the one T1 v2 installer that’s listed for the T1 server.


Or I should say, I’ve tried and they imagrpress. If I watch CWS, the job shows up in the queue, status goes from “Processing” to “Printed” very quickly, with no actual “Printing” step that I see when I print from other systems. If you have already tried this then please reply.

Posted on Jun 4, 7: I’m now waiting for Canon to update the Fiery. I’ve placed a service call requesting the Fiery software be updated by Canon. Cankn “optimized” for V2.

Based on your information so far I don’t think it is using a Fiery but for the sake of problem solving, check the back of the copier for either the imagePASS-T1 a white metal box that would be attached to the back or the external imagePRESS-Q1, which has two cables connecting between the copier and itself. One of the new features of OS X Printing a test page through this driver is fine. General, Driver, Supply Levels.

ImagePress T1 Server with C1 Printer in Snow Leopard [Archive] – EFI Fiery Forums

Thanks again for all the help, PAHU! Is anyone successfully using Snow Leopard to print to T1?


Ask a question Reset. User profile for user: Those settings are then saved to the document itself on the Q1 Server. Unless I am missing something, this driver is seriously borked, and I am now at the mercy of Canon.

Karl, It looks like the v2.

But I think there’s a serious problem with this driver. EFI Fiery System 8e version is. When I went to print, I setup all my options, and told it to “Store” the document under the “Special Features” section. I see two different options here: We will release an updated version of MP Navigator. I will report back any findings I make.

There is an update to the T1 – V2. Attached to this post is a screen grab of the error.