Here’s his frame grabber software. I wonder what functions are performed, and why they should be so difficult. Friday, 10 June Into town this morning to present a userland debugging seminar to people at work at 10 am. OK, this is an old machine 4 years , so this is all water under the bridge. All I wanted to do was to play a DVD on some computer. That seems to be the exception nowadays. High quality TV on your PC.

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IEI Ivce-8784-r10 PCIe 4 Channel 120fps CCTV Video Capture Card Conexant Bt878

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Tried to repeat yesterday’s problems with mplayerbut now it works:. So can yum help me fix these missing dependencies?

Make this image small again. Still, after two weekends I can now watch my DVD, sort of. The voltage levels were also roughly the same, but the white background of the X display made the overall level very different.

I wonder how that ever worked.

Brooktree Bt – LinuxTVWiki

Sunday, 27 February What a day! Tried it in different systems. Sunday, 6 March Five years today since I joined Linuxcare! The default was also incorrect, so I got: Now mplayer detects the size and enlarges it: Your email address will not be published.


For some reason, mplayer was installing without the GUI. Not exactly the reason I bought a wide screen projector. No comments Posted in Uncategorized. Download the ca;ture version of Bt Fusion Capture Device Audio Section drivers according to your computer’s operating system.

The image is transmitted directly by the ImpactVCB into main system memory or the memory of the VGA adapter for high performance results. Shop by Card Functionality.

It proved to be a permission issue, but why doesn’t the program report it? Saturday, 12 March Another day spent chasing multimedia stuff, with little to show for it. Delivery Options see all. Strange that it first says that it can’t determine what it is, then gives the information that should have shown up in the sysctl s.

Trying fxtv didn’t help much either. In the meantime I had got X to work, so followed up on Tim Stoakes’ suggestion that yum would do a better job of handling dependencies.


Hauppauge WinTV PCI Video Driver Download

Hope to have an opportunity to serve you. The two functions have different memory mappings although they have many similar registers – e. After installation, Xorg generates exactly the same configuration file as well. Bt fusiona video capture audio section driver.

This page describes the fun I have had setting videl a computer as a video recorder. Burning a new DVD was more of an issue: Later testing showed that it wasn’t the monitor at all that was so fuzzy, but either the cable length I had relocated the machine, so didn’t need so long cables or the display card. All images taken on Sunday, 13 Marchthumbnails. On a hunch, looked at the sysctls that relate to the driver and found: So I read the FM and discovered: Save the config file, compile your new kernel, install it and restart.

Changed 1 to 0.