Honestly said, which VMX file do you mean???? Last modified 6 years ago. Talk to you soon again Oliver. The question is how to get him The normal install floppy image would cause kernel traps inside the VM, so I had to use the one with the replacement IDE drivers. Post by Paolo Pisati Hi guys, first of all execuse me for the OT but i wanted to re install BeOS Dano on my notebook when i found out that my “beloved” dvd drive was dead

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Tue Sep 13, 3: Then click on More Options, then Vmwaree Partitions: Currently there is no binary packaging for the additions that allows for easy installation. Click save, restart networking, try to browse the web. It was too slow to be useable.

The uploading does not work here. BE trick one can create a FAT partition in a file and copy it inside, something like requires sfdisk and mtools:.

Download the BeOS from: Then copy the VESA file to: If you try to mount the. BeOS is not really a clue for someone like me – but makes proud to get it running.


The was someone wrong with the emulated system timer my best vieo for what was wrong. Booting the old BeOS can be tricky, it doesn’t handle modern hardware even emulated well.

It should now look like this: Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Post by Paolo Pisati So, in the end, it seems the problem lays somewhere between how vmware handle the cdrom image and normal beos boot code.

Installing BeOS 5.0.3 Professional in VirtualBox

This content has been marked as final. Click through the next two pop up windows, and then it will ask you to Mount the disk?

Under vmware, it retrieved my mail every 5 vjdeo. Start VMWare Fusion 6. So it used a low resolution grey scale video very slow. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

It seems r broke this patch again Find this folder inside BeOS: BE trick one can create a FAT partition in a file and copy it inside, something like requires sfdisk and mtools: I couldn’t boot off the raw disc mind you, so I also had VMware mount the floppy image. Wed Aug 24, Actually I finally managed vmwaee make BeOS to boot.


Installing BeOS R5 in VirtualBox

Hit done, then Save, restarted networking which may not be necessaryloaded Firefox, and presto — network access, as expected. What I found is that I need a virtual network driver, that i.

Wasted several CDs 5. I continue to work on this.

BeOS R5 Max |VMware Communities

After the install is done, you vodeo manually update the video settings so you don’t have to press the space bar each time. I’m pretty sure these instructions can be adapted for other VMware products. CD Rom was mandatory. The way you describe to install the system did not work here.