Request Printer Identification Select Alternative Character Set Page Chapter Changing Receipt Paper Contact an Axiohm-authorized service representative. About the A Printer The A printer is a fast, quiet, reliable, and very compact multiple-function printer. The drawer connector solenoid should have a resistance of 24 ohms or more to avoid excessive current flow.

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Set Right-side Character Spacing General Print Test Chapter 3: A form can now be inserted for up to 14 lines of validation printing.

For example, the power supply may be interrupted or the paper may jam. Micr Parsing If you would like a copy of a software utility that performs these functions rather than developing your own program using the command codes described in this section, please contact Axiohm.

Axiohm AXQ POS Printer, AXQ – Barcode Discount

Printer Function Commands Character and Line Specificatio Slide the carriage assembly assembly that holds the printhead to the center of the printer. If the print is smudged, the gap may be too small.


List Of Flash Download Commands Default for n is 0. Micr Commands And Parsing The text on the third line is double- high. Line spacing returns to the normal setting.

Axiohm A (A) – Printer

Set Relative Print Position Checking Micr Noise Level Adjusting The Printhead Gap Chapter 3: Printhead worn; causing it to tear Replace the printhead. Each of the six bytes is positional and consists of two parts: Line Feed Chapter 6: The character sets are described in the International Aaxiohm Code table and Hebrew Code table that follow.

Page Mode Sets the print starting position to the beginning of the next line.

Page 65 Chapter 5: About The A Printer In addition, it prints each character in the ASCII character set including all code pages and character types single-wide, double-wide, and so forth. Verifying Read Of Micr Characters Code Page pc Us Print Speed Chapter 9: Forms Compensation Close Assembly 1B 13 command.


It is the responsibility of the character set creator to insure that this can not occur. Reboot The Printer Page 39 Chapter 3: Table of contents Setup Guide These would be bitwise Default tabs are set at intervals of eight characters columns 9, 17,