Have you ever packet injected or put that card into monitor mode? Are you using an aircrack-ng compatible wireless adapter? Check out this post on how to fix this issue. We’ll use each of these in nearly every Wi-Fi hack. Did you happen to read the week old comment right above yours? When I used the command airmon-ng start wlan1 the designation for my wireless adapter does not change from wlan1 to mon0 so im unable to proceed from there i do not get that part of thae reading at all.

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Is it really worth it to hack into grammies router with the password “cookies”? I’m running Kali Linux 2. Let’s take a brief look at each of these.

Hi What a great site for Raspberry Pi owners. My mind doesn’t work the easy way around. I have never packet injected or put this card into monitor mode. Sometimes multiple times, such as when it is bundled aircrrack a WiFi manager. Artrex 3 years ago. It seems like I have to purchase all of them to have all powers. Will it be able to be on monitor mode and inject packets??


Sometimes there are up to 10 probes on 1 client. Consider this if you need to gather network data without including everything within several blocks.

Hi, I have one question, I have aircrwck access point mapping using airodump-ng, so i have collected so many aps, with different encryption some of are open aps. The NHA just works out of the box. Except where aaircrack noted, aircraxk on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Why becouse i dont like to try the tutorial out and wait for you answer my quistions after some hours.

There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision: This is a big deal because this chipset is one of the first to support Which adaptor would you best recommend? I m planning on changing my TL-WNn to something better.

Best Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng •

Neighbor allowed me access to his network since mine is still down area outage, we have the same ISP yet mine is down and his is up. Anyways I’d really appreciate any help alaf can give me. He got it from Saudi.

I found 2 wireless adapter tenda wmi and tenda wma but i dont know which one is supported Please help me with this.


I think it’s BCM The ones selling on Ebay are expensive according to me.


The text “Injection is working” does inform you that the packet injection is zircrack. Best of luck to you. Airdecap-ng enables us to decrypt wireless traffic once we have cracked the key. When I got home I reinstalled them and went at it: Welcome to Null Byte! Pls help to fix this??

The chipset on a USB wireless adapter is the most important information but normally is not shown on the product box or even on the device itself. If you need a suggestion, Aorcrack would recommend the TP-Link adapter. However I get the error: I don’t know if it’s compatible with aircrack-ng and packet injection.

By swapping out the antenna or adapter type, we can target different kinds of networks.