Fragment shaders of up to K instructions with full flow-control, can be effortlessly executed from virtual memory. Mirroring the application, draw arrays are used for some tests and immediate mode used for others. The viewset is based on a trace of the running application and includes all the state changes found during normal 3ds max operation. After replication, these models contain 1. Vergleich zu Quadro FX Performance vs. Graphics hardware companies Fabless semiconductor companies Intel acquisitions Intel graphics. The wireframe workloads are measured both in normal and antialiased mode.

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Two models and three rendering modes are measured during the test. George Maestri is president of Rubberbug, a Los Angeles-based animation studio specializing in character animation.

Lightscape combines proprietary radiosity algorithms with a physically-based lighting interface. The most significant feature of Lightscape is its ability to simulate global illumination effects accurately by pre-calculating the diffuse energy distribution in an environment and storing the lighting distribution as part of the 3D model.

As the Realizm is very much an extension of theand because we don’t have the very interesting comparisons available yet, we will treat this article as a brief introduction to the card. We’ve already taken a look at the Wildcat Realizmwhich forms the basis for the The car model contains more than two million points.


The high-complexity model uses five to seven positional lights as defined by the SPECapc benchmark and reflects how a high-end user would work with 3ds max. The technology, although less than one year old, already is poised to replace AGP as the standard graphics bus for the PC.

The processors integrate on-chip peripherals and interfaces suitable for realidm broad range of handheld and embedded devices.

3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm 800 (640 MB)

It enables a card to sync with video, or multiple cards in multiple machines to operate in concert. The wireframe workloads are measured both in normal and anti-alised mode. It’s a shame that all that geometry power goes unused, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Not having a unified framebuffer makes this more difficult logistically than it needs to be. The model data is replicated by SPECviewperf 8. SPECviewperf replicates the geometry represented by the smaller engine block and submarine models to increase complexity and decrease frame rates.

3Dlabs – Wikipedia

The card itself draws about watts of power, so be sure to have a beefy power supply. Wildcat Realizm delivers a solid 50 frames per second score on the Viewperf 7. Shaded and hidden-line-removal modes were measured for this model.

An innovative self-contained thermal solution provides quiet and reliable operation in any system chassis by enclosing the air space of a second slot to create a realsm efficient air flow. This memory stores rendering commands and geometry data for the VSU. This viewset includes state changes as made by the application throughout the rendering of the model, including matrix, material, light and line-stipple changes.


Inside the Wildcat Realizm The first thing that we noticed about the Wildcat Reallism was its size. This model is measured in shaded, hidden-line removal, and wireframe modes.

SPECviewperf Performance – Wildcat Realizm 3Dlabs MultiGPU First Look

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Permedia was the first low-cost OpenGL accelerator chip. Performance Test Configuration Processor s: Keep up with latest news. Fragment shaders realisj up to K instructions with full flow-control, can be effortlessly executed from virtual memory.

Wildcat Realizm 800: 3Dlabs MultiGPU First Look

Wildcat Realizm consistently delivers professional-level features across the entire family. Display quality was excellent, and I liked the display manager that comes with the drivers.

Three rendering modes are measured: Thousands of display lists of varying sizes go into generating each frame of the model. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. All state changes are derived from a trace of the running application.